Crafting Bliss: Free SVGs for Cricut Enthusiasts

Free SVGs for cricut

Are you a proud owner of a Cricut, Silhouette, or other similar machine, ready to unleash your creativity and design prowess? Well, consider yourself fortunate! We’ve meticulously curated an extensive compilation of top-notch websites that provide a wealth of free SVG files, tailor-made for your Cricut projects. Whether your passion lies in paper crafting, creating captivating vinyl decals, or fashioning intricate designs, these platforms present a treasure trove of SVGs to breathe life into your imaginative concepts. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the prime sources offering a plethora of free SVGs, amplifying your Cricut crafting experience to new heights!

What are SVG Files?

SVG, stands for Scalable Vector Graphic, SVGs are a type of file typically used for images and graphics on the internet and can be created and edited using design software like Adobe Illustrator or similar.

Why use SVG Files for Cricut Projects?

There are a huge number of reasons why using SVG Files for your Cricut projects is a good idea. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Vector Graphics:
    SVG files are vector based graphics, characterised by mathematical equations and points, rather than pixel grids. This means that your designs can be effortlessly scaled up or down without any pixelation or compromise on quality, unlike say a Jpeg and will deliver precise and detailed cuts every time.

  2. Layered Design:
    SVG files frequently feature multiple layers that delineate different elements within a design. This layering capability grants users full control over the sequence and selection of layers, proving indispensable for intricate, multi-colour projects.

  3. Editability:
    SVG files are editable in Cricut’s Design Space or by using software like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or proprietary design tools offered by other machine’s manufacturer. This flexibility empowers users to tailor designs to their specific requirements and preferences.

  4. Fine Detail:
    SVG files excel at rendering intricate and highly detailed designs. This characteristic makes them particularly well-suited for a diverse range of projects, from delicate paper crafts to personalised clothing and intricate decals.

  5. Text Support:
    SVG files accommodate text elements, enabling the creation of personalised text-based designs. This feature is especially handy for crafting customised cards, home decor, and various other projects.

  6. Scalability:
    One of the most valuable traits of SVG files is their inherent scalability. You can effortlessly resize SVG designs to fit different materials or adapt to various project dimensions without concerns about image quality or resolution.

  7. Online Resources:
    The abundance of SVG files available online for free with some of the best sites we’ve found listed below. In addition, there are thriving communities where users can share and exchange their designs, simplifying the process of discovering pre-made or user-generated designs tailored to your projects.

Free SVG File Websites


Step into the captivating world of 3DSVG, where creativity knows no bounds. This platform specialises in three-dimensional SVG files that go beyond the flat designs you’re accustomed to. Immerse yourself in a collection of intricate cards, awe-inspiring paper sculptures, and captivating home decor items. While commercial use policies aren’t explicitly stated, it’s recommended to reach out to the creators for clarification on potential commercial applications.
Website: 3DSVG

Simply Crafty SVGs

Simply Crafty SVGs invites you to a haven of artistic inspiration. Explore a treasure trove of free SVG files, each meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your projects. Whether you’re crafting invitations, wall art, or festive decorations, you’ll find designs that resonate with your creative spirit. It’s important to note that these designs are intended for personal use. If your aspirations extend to the realm of commercial projects, Simply Crafty SVGs offers premium options to fulfill your ambitions.
Website: Simply Crafty SVGs

SVG Cuts Blog

The SVG Cuts Blog is a virtual playground for crafting enthusiasts seeking unique designs. Immerse yourself in a world of free SVG files that range from intricately detailed to playfully charming. Each design tells a story, and their blog-style format ensures you’re not just downloading files – you’re embarking on a creative journey. Keep in mind that these designs are crafted with personal use in mind. To explore commercial ventures, consider connecting with SVG Cuts for licensing options.
Website: SVG Cuts Blog

Birds Cards

Birds Cards welcomes you to a sanctuary of creativity, where SVG designs take flight and transform your crafting dreams into reality. Discover an array of free SVG cut files spanning an eclectic range of themes. Elegant flourishes, whimsical characters, and intricately designed elements await your artistic touch. The good news for crafters with commercial aspirations is that Birds Cards permits limited commercial use of their designs. Consult their terms to ensure your projects soar within the bounds of their licensing.
Website: Birds Cards

Free SVG Designs

Free SVG Designs is a treasure chest of creative possibilities, where your crafting ventures are limited only by your imagination. Explore an assortment of SVG files tailor-made for various projects, from paper crafts to vinyl decals and beyond. While the commercial use policy isn’t explicitly stated, it’s recommended to inquire with the creators to determine the scope of potential commercial applications.
Website: Free SVG Designs 


Say “Hello” to a world of delightful designs at HelloSVG. This platform curates a collection of free SVG files designed to infuse charm and character into your projects. Explore an array of themes and occasions, each SVG a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. While the commercial use policy isn’t overtly provided, don’t hesitate to contact HelloSVG for insights into incorporating their designs into your commercial ventures.
Website: HelloSVG 

Shop Craftables 

Shop Craftables beckons you into a realm of endless possibilities. Their dedicated section for free SVG cut files is a treasure trove of designs suitable for crafters of all levels. Whether you’re creating personalised gifts or embellishing your home, their collection offers an array of options. What’s more, Shop Craftables embraces commercial aspirations by permitting both personal and commercial use of their designs, empowering entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts alike.
Website: Shop Craftables 

Creative Fabrica 

Creative Fabrica is a haven for creative souls seeking a diverse range of design resources. Explore a world of free craft resources, including SVG files that add a touch of artistry to your projects. While some designs are intended for personal use, Creative Fabrica also offers commercial use licensing options for select designs. This platform is a gateway to nurturing your creative pursuits, whether for personal enjoyment or commercial success.
Website: Creative Fabrica 

Caluya Design  

Caluya Design extends a warm invitation to immerse yourself in their ever-growing collection of free SVG files. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast or an entrepreneurial spirit, their designs cater to a diverse range of projects. What sets Caluya Design apart is their embrace of both personal and commercial use. Crafters with dreams of turning their passion into profit will find a welcoming home here.
Website: Caluya Design

Download our free SVGs

You can download and use these files for free for both personal and commercial purposes. Made by RT Crafty 2023.

Craft Bundles

Craft Bundles is a treasure trove of versatile SVG designs that cater to a wide range of crafting projects. From intricate paper crafts to eye-catching decals, their collection is a playground for your creative aspirations. What sets Craft Bundles apart is their commitment to fostering commercial creativity. Many of their SVG files come with a commercial use license, empowering crafters and entrepreneurs to transform their designs into profitable ventures. Explore their vast selection and unlock the potential of commercial crafting.
Website: Craft Bundles 


LoveSVG invites you to a world of love, creativity, and limitless possibilities. Their extensive library of SVG files covers a spectrum of themes and styles, ensuring there’s something for every project. A standout feature of LoveSVG is their generous approach to licensing. Many of their designs are available for both personal and commercial use, granting you the freedom to turn your crafting passion into a thriving business. Whether you’re crafting for pleasure or profit, LoveSVG’s designs are a testament to the beauty of artistry and entrepreneurship.
Website: LoveSVG 


Freepik is a versatile platform that offers an extensive collection of SVG files, vectors, and graphics suitable for various creative projects. Their vast library encompasses designs spanning multiple categories, from icons and illustrations to patterns and backgrounds. One of the standout features of Freepik is the availability of resources under the Creative Commons license, which includes options for commercial use. Delve into their abundant selection and find the perfect SVG files to elevate your Cricut creations.
Website: Freepik 

Design Bundles 

Design Bundles is a haven for crafters seeking high-quality design resources. Their free design resources section offers a wide range of SVG files, fonts, illustrations, and more. What makes Design Bundles particularly appealing is their commitment to commercial use. Many of their free SVG files come with a commercial license, granting you the freedom to incorporate these designs into your entrepreneurial pursuits. Whether you’re crafting for pleasure or profit, Design Bundles provides a wealth of creative assets to enrich your Cricut projects.
Website: Design Bundles 

As you embark on your journey through these websites, remember to honor the terms of use and licensing agreements. Each platform offers a unique tapestry of creativity, waiting for you to weave your crafting magic. Whether you’re seeking designs for personal pleasure or commercial endeavors, these websites are your gateway to an enchanting world of SVG possibilities. Let your Cricut machine dance to the rhythm of your imagination, and watch as your projects come to life in a symphony of creativity. Happy crafting!

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