Prime Day and Amazon Baby WishList: Unlocking Savings for Your Little Ones

Prime day and baby wish list

With Amazon’s Prime Day just around the corner (11th 12 of July) there’s an excellent opportunity for expecting parents to snag incredible deals on baby essentials. By combining Prime Day with Amazon’s Baby Wishlist feature, you can optimise your savings and make smart purchases for your little ones. In this article, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day using the Amazon Baby Wishlist.

What you will need: 
If you’re not already an amazon prime member you will need to create an account to take full advantage of Prime Day. Amazon offer a 30 day free trial to sign up just follow this link – Amazon Prime

1. Create an Amazon Baby Wishlist:
If you’re expecting a baby or have a young child, creating an Amazon Baby Wishlist is a savvy move. This feature allows you to compile a personalised list of baby items you need or desire. Before Prime Day arrives, spend some time curating your list by browsing through Amazon’s extensive selection of baby products. You can create an 

2. Add Prime Day Deals to Your Baby Wishlist:
Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon often releases sneak peeks and early deals. As you come across Prime Day deals on baby items, add them directly to your Baby Wishlist. This way, you’ll have a centralised location to keep track of the products you want to purchase during the event.

3. Prioritise Essential Baby Items:
While Prime Day may present numerous temptations, focus on prioritising essential baby items on your Baby Wishlist. Items like diapers, wipes, baby food, and formula are everyday necessities that can quickly add up in cost. Keep an eye out for discounts on these essentials during Prime Day to make the most of your savings.

4. Utilise the “Price Drop” Notification:
One of the fantastic features of the Amazon Baby Wishlist is the “Price Drop” notification. Activate this feature to receive alerts when the price of an item on your list decreases. This is particularly valuable during Prime Day, as prices are likely to fluctuate. The notification will ensure you never miss out on a great deal.

5. Take Advantage of Lightning Deals and Limited-Time Offers:
Prime Day is known for lightning-fast Lightning Deals and limited-time offers. Keep a close watch on your Baby Wishlist during the event, as some deals may be time-sensitive and sell out quickly. By being vigilant, you can secure substantial savings on baby gear, clothing, toys, and more.

6. Explore Baby Wishlist Benefits:
If you’re an expectant parent, consider creating a Baby Wishlist is a good idea anyway. In addition to the convenience and benefits with Prime Day, Amazon’s Baby Wishlist always has a deal or incentive depending on when you sign up. Currently Amazon are offering 15% of selected baby items and you get a free gift when you spend £20.

7. Leverage Additional Prime Membership Benefits:
As an Amazon Prime member, you gain access to various benefits that can further enhance your Prime Day shopping experience. These include free two-day shipping, exclusive deals, access to Prime Video for family entertainment, and more. Make sure to explore all the perks and use them to your advantage.

Amazon Prime Day, combined with the Amazon Baby Wishlist, provides an incredible opportunity for parents to save money on essential baby items and indulgent purchases for their little ones. By curating your Baby Wishlist in advance, tracking deals, and utilising the notification features, you can make informed decisions and capitalise on the savings offered during Prime Day. Remember to prioritise essential items, be swift with Lightning Deals, and explore additional benefits tied to your Prime membership. Happy shopping and savings for your growing family!

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